Essence of elegance

Confidence Takes Comfort

Yala is an eco-friendly apparel company who believes that confidence takes comfort. They are women owned and women led, a responsible company working everyday to support women standing in their power and provide clothing that is stylish, easy-to-wear that offers all day comfort. We have been working with Yala since 2016 as their agency of record and we are excited to be their creative partner as they work to make a difference in the world.

Yala started as an organic clothing company whose branding felt like it belong in a head shop rather than fashion boutique. This lead us to reimagine them as a modern brand that highlights the art of simplicity. The elegant branding mirrors their timeless styles and leaves off everything else that isn’t needed.

Our branding, photography, web design, and print work all work together to clearly position yala as a brand focused on no fuss fashion with a conscious commitment to the planet. They are a casual brand that offers some of the softest clothing you will find anywhere in the world, that work every day to protect.