Committed to Cold

Rebranding an established, quality company

G&D has one goal, to the best damn chiller in the world. We have worked with G&D since 2013 to turn around their brand completely, and positioning them as the premium chiller company for breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Working with them over the years they have grown to the the leading chiller company in the United States, and deliver thousands of chillers to their customers all over the world.

G&D is built on customer service that makes a difference, they offer the best service in the industry. Along with featuring all of their leading products and capabilities, we utilized their website as a tool for customers to be able to tap into G&D’s vast knowledge and experience. We created a knowledge library of docs and videos that help customers with any issues or questions they may have.

It’s always fun working with a brand that prides itself on what they do and allows us creative freedom to do something different. We created a series of siloed ads for each industry they serve that felt authentic to package labels of each industry. The ads were so popular they even requested posters they could hang in the office and give away at trade shows.

Who doesn’t love a little swag from time to time? We created keepsakes for giveaways that felt as cool as the guys over at G&D.